El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: One more time!

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Just like a good song that you play on repeat, the weekend is a regular event that we all just can’t get enough of, giving us opportunities for rest and relaxation at the end of a long, hard week. Until Monday, that is.

With that poor and unnecessary explanation of what a ‘weekend’ is, let’s find out what members of El33tonline will be busy with over the next two days, but be sure to let us know about your plans, too.

Play it again, one more time:


“This weekend is all about games of the sporting and video variety. Tomorrow evening I’ll be watching the Currie Cup final with friends and then Sunday is the Champions League T20 final (cricket).

I’ve returned to feeding my Dark Souls addiction since the Artorias of the Abyss DLC was released on Wednesday. That game should have a “Warning: Highly Addictive” sticker on the box! Here’s hoping From Software sort out any frame rate and lag issues in the next ‘Souls’ game as the series is clearly ripe with potential.

I’ll also be playing some MUD on PS Vita and testing out a couple of Turtle Beach PS3 headsets for review purposes during the weekend.

Enjoy the break everyone!”

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“It’s two months to go until Christmas Day! It’s two months to go until maybe I will get a chance to play some games again! What shall I be doing in the eight weeks that lie between now and Christmas? Well, this weekend is a no-brainer – we have the Currie Cup final and DBNGamers!

The only problem with this scenario is what some may call a “conflict” or “clash”. You see, my best man has come back to town and has invited me to join him at the rugby. The problem with this is logistically, it is impossible to be at two places at the same time. DBNGamers starts at 2pm and the rugby exodus starts at 2pm. How will I fit both in? Simple answer: I can’t.

I hope to make an early appearance at Waxy’s around 1pm for some catch-up with my best bud, Oltman, and then depart at 2pm after entering my name in the lucky draw for prizes at DBNGamers.

Sunday is my mother-in-law’s 60th birthday celebration so yet again, gaming is a distant reality for me this weekend.

Oh, and Sharks 27 – WP 12.”

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“Wooooo! Weekend! End of the week. The finality of that word always gets me. This week is dead, and nothing can revive it. Flip, now I am making myself sad!

On a plus this weekend will be spent gaming. Mostly. Tonight I might just play some BF3 before everyone abandons it for Medal of Honor. I also get to play with some Turtle Beach X12 headsets. Perfect for some Battlefield!

Then on Saturday it is another DBNGamers, and since it is a stone’s throw away from my home I get to sleep in until 13:55, get up and go to Waxy’s!

Right after that the Sharks will play with the boys from Cape Town. I am a shark at heart (call it my predatory instinct) and hope they win. But, like Naas loves to say: “At the end of the day, cowboys don’t cry and rugby is the overall winner!” What a legend!

That leaves Sunday. Since I have shared all my most intimate private plans for the first few days of this Week-killer, I will keep Sunday to myself. Sorry to those Facebook stalkers, don’t expect any updates there either!

Go Sharks!”

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“As you read this I’ll be doing one of a few things, most probably not at the same time. Most probably.

I might be writing my review of Medal of Honor: Warfighter. I might be playing DOOM 3: BFG Edition. I could be dipping back into Dishonored to wrap up my thoughts on that for my review. There’s a chance I’ll be at this weekend’s DBNGamers gathering. But perhaps I’m playing Battlefield 3 during Battefield Friday.

If you’re desperately in need of some cash, however, and you’re betting on the odds of me being fast asleep, then go all in on snoozin’.

Have a great weekend, everybody, and I hope you’re all able to rest your weary brains.”

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“Now that I’ve finished Leon and Chris’ campaigns, I’m chomping at the bit to play Sherri’s next. Resident Evil 6 still has me addicted and terrified… a good combination for a survival horror game. It’s been far too long since I’ve been in Pandora so I hope to venture back this weekend and enjoy the new adventures thanks to my newly acquired season pass.

I also have Just Dance 4 and Dance Central 3 to make sure I get some gaming exercise this weekend, and then there’s Medal of Honor: Warfighter too… clearly I’m going to have to sleep less this weekend to fit all of this gaming in!

Have a good, relaxing weekend guys and gals! Make sure you check back soon for my report on the Windows 8 launch that took place last night in Johannesburg.”

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What are your plans, p33ps?

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