Battlefield Friday War Cry: Time to shoot and take names

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Today is a big day for South Africa, with the launch of Windows 8 and Medal of Honor: Warfighter [Amongst other things… – Ed], but the other most important thing about today is Battlefield Friday! [Amongst other things… – Ed] Tonight the war is on – it’s time to shoot and take names or which ever comes first. The battles will be heard across the land.

Are you ready for action?

Battlefield Friday

Last week we had one of the most epic Battlefield Fridays in BF3 History, with many battles won and lost, but the war is still raging on. Will you support your squad with a Pakkie Plysters or will you give them a Pakkie Lekkers so they can continue shooting? We have some dedicated soldiers on the field, from medic to Camper, er, I mean Sniper.

Join us on Xbox LIVE from 8:15pm this evening for some outrageous fun and epic battles with POItjie, Smuroh, CrazyErick, Griff3nZA and more. The battles will be fast and they will be hard. With support from your squad, you can achieve anything. But remember this very important rule:

Have fun and F33l the Battle!

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