Insomniac’s Ted Price gives us a personal progress update for Fuse with a lengthy walkthrough video

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Gamers the world over were thrown for a bit of a loop when Insomniac re-revealed it’s previously announced squad-based shooter, Overstrike, earlier this year… especially when it was shown as a game called ‘Fuse’ and contained none of the charming stylised characters or visuals we had seen a year previously.

Nope, instead Insomniac has reworked the concept of Fuse somewhat and it now sports a much more realistic (but still slightly stylised) visual aesthetic, wrapped up in what seems to be a more serious tone.

Fuse Banner Logo (Temp)

To put our worries at ease, Insomniac’s very own head honcho and boy genius, Ted Price, has narrated a very lengthy in-game look at Fuse with tons of footage of the game’s cinematics and action, while introducing us to the characters, weapons, world and enemies of Fuse.

If you had any concerns over Fuse and Insomniac’s new direction with its four-player squad-based third-person shooter, you definitely shouldn’t miss this. Set aside around twenty minutes today and watch below:

Fuse 0 Progress Update Video

Well? What did you think? Do you still have some concerns? Don’t like the action or artstyle? Let us know what you think.

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