Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition post patch fixes coming, pumpkin seed crafting included

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The delirious excitement surrounding the release of last week’s 1.8.2 patch for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition was somewhat tempered for a few gamers as they encountered a number of issues after applying the latest update.

Developer 4J Studios has taken to Twitter, however, to assuage fans that fixes on are on the way, as well as to announce a few new features set to be included with a future patch.

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While we can’t all have sparkling flowers and the ability to eat popcorn like in the next edition of Animal Crossing, thanks to the upcoming 1.8.2 patch fix Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition will allow you to craft pumpkin seeds from pumpkins… and more!

Here’s what 4J had to say on the matter of the issues with patch 1.8.2 for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition:

“We have recreated the issue some people have experienced when renaming saves. It will be fixed as part of a 1.8.2 Bug Fix update soon.”

There’s also talk of golden apple recipes, gold ingots and those pumpkin seeds, with a special announcement arriving in three tweets time on the official 4J Twitter account.

What could this announcement be? A new item to craft?

What issues have you run into after the new 1.8.2 patch for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition?

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