Confirmed: Borderlands Legends for iOS detailed with debut screens

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The rumours were swirling as early as last week, but the existence of Borderlands Legends for iOS (iPhone and iPad) has today been confirmed with details and a set of debut screenshots.

Borderlands Legends Banner Logo

Due for release on October 31st for iPhone ($5) and iPad ($7), Borderlands Legends is a top-down action shooter and promises to include all of the great features you’ve come to expect from the series’ PC and console releases, namely shooting, looting and level grinding on the uniquely stylised world of Pandora.

Borderlands Legends also stars the cast of Vault Hunters originally seen in 2009’s Borderlands, with Lilith, Mordecai, Roland and Brick all making an appearance (as opposed to the new cast in Borderlands 2). What’s cool about Borderlands Legends, however, is that you’ll take control of all four Vault Hunters at once in what we assume to be a turn-based fashion to co-ordinate your attacks against enemies.

Borderlands Legends Screenshot 1

We’re also promised three action skills per character, as well as six abilities comprising five levels each.

Entertainment Weekly’s ‘Pop Watch’ got to see the game and collected a few morsels of information on Borderlands Legends, including the fact that boss battles will be present and accounted for, as well as how the series’ awesome ‘Second Wind’ feature will be intact (allowing you a second chance at the action after being downed by an enemy).

Get the rest of those details at Entertainment Weekly’s write-up over here.

Borderlands Legends Screenshot 2

Borderlands Legends Screenshot 3

Borderlands Legends Screenshot 4

Borderlands Legends Screenshot 5

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