PS3 firmware update 4.30 available tomorrow, PS Vita Trophies to be visible

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Sony has announced that from tomorrow, October 23rd, PS3 owners will be able to download a new firmware update (version 4.30) that introduces a couple of key changes to the XMB.

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The ‘Trophy Collection’ folder will move from the Game section of the XMB to the PlayStation Network section, and Trophies earned on PS Vita will now be visible in this folder along with your Trophy level and percentage progress towards the next level.

Additionally the Life with PlayStation application under the Network section of the XMB will be removed with the 4.30 update unless you’ve used it in the past. From the beginning of next month current users will no longer be able to participate in the distributed computing Folding@home project offered through the app.

While this update is a step in the right direction for people who own both a PS3 and PS Vita, hopefully the next firmware update will finally allow PS3 players to see what their friends with PS Vitas are getting up to on the PlayStation Network.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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