Battlefield Friday War Report: Et Tu, Trute!

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Last week’s Battlefield Friday must have been the most epic yet! There were some ‘Ahhh’ and ‘oooh’ moments, and then there were moments of “Wait, did that just happen?!” Let me take you on the journey that was Battlefield Friday:

(Just to let you know, some things happened during the event that I don’t really want to talk about, but I’ll share with them you anyway. It might make me feel better.)

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It was Friday night and I was ready for some war, so I jumped online and was joined by my Camper-in-Command Smuroh. We got into some Close Quarters action and we had a epic time, joined by the BF3 duo of CrazyErick and Piglet DE. We gave the other players a good run for their money. During our second match, the Tag Collector himself joined, Cadet Griff3nZA [Uh-oh… – Ed]

The battles got really fast and soon the map was left in ruins. When our fourth round started, we don’t know why but the server decided to move some soldiers of our squad to the other team, so on one side there was POItjie (me), Smuroh and RowanatorZA, and on the other side was Piglet DE, CrazyErick and Griff3nZA. This is when the evening got interesting – the hunt was on. The battle between RowanatorZA and CrazyErick continued and Smuroh was on the hunt for Griff3nZA’s tags (and I think he was successful).

Battlefield 3 - Close Quarters Screenshot 1

But halfway into the round, the unspeakable happened.

This is something I didn’t really want to talk about, but I have to put it out here. The map was Ziba Towers and the mode was Conquest Domination. I was busy attacking Point Bravo and took out CrazyErick with a nice headshot, then out of the blue, the tag collecting Animation started and I was like, “Who is taking my tags?” Then the name came on the screen: Piglet ACB-90 POItjie. This is the second time ever that Piglet managed to take my tags and it rendered me silent for a good couple of minutes.

We moved onto some Rush and Conquest. I was sniped by Smuroh, shot by RowanatorZA and knifed by CrazyErick. It was like I had a huge target on my back, but DrtV8derZA, El33tOliver and I kicked it into high gear, and said, we will not lose this round. I searched for them all via my sniper scope and found Piglet DE, but she just didn’t want to stand still, even after I asked her so nicely. I did manage to get my hands on an attack chopper and I hunted for Griff3nZA, hearing over the Xbox Party: “This Chopper has it in for me, it’s chasing me killed It was you POItjie!”

Battlefield 3 Screenshot 1 - Damavand Peak

CrazyErick tried teaching Piglet DE how to base jump, but it took some time as I was fighting below and had bodies hit the ground around me as they didn’t open their parachutes – I managed to kill GunnerJunkie and RowanatorZA while they were gliding down. We secured victory with three M-Com stations still standing.

Thanks for all that joined in on the action, it was some great fun. Just to let you know, I’m not proud of this, but I lost my tags four times, excluding Piglet’s knifing – GunnerJunkie and Bro October managed to do the same.

See you all this Friday for some more epic Battlefield 3 Friday action!

Battlefield 3 Screenshot - Multiplayer 7

Soldiers seen on the Battlefield:

  • POItjie
  • CrazyErick
  • Piglet DE
  • Smuroh
  • Griff3nZA
  • DrtV8derZA
  • GunnerJunkie
  • RowanatorZA
  • Bro October
  • El33tOliver

See you all Friday from 8:15pm on Xbox Live. Feel the Battle!

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