Wii U’s voice chat functionality detailed, supported headsets revealed

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If you’re planning on picking up a Wii U over the next few months then you may be wondering how voice chat is going to work on the console and which headsets will be supported at launch.

Kotaku reports that Nintendo has provided various details on the Wii U’s voice chat functionality. Only Wii U titles with a significant online multiplayer component such as Assassin’s Creed III, Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Mass Effect 3 will support voice chat, and you’ll need to use a Wii U compatible, wired headset to engage in voice chat in-game. The headset plugs into the GamePad’s headphone jack so if you’re playing a game using the Wii U Pro Controller then you’ll need to keep the GamePad close by as there’s no jack on the Pro Controller.

It’s unknown at this point when or if wireless headsets will be released for the Wii U in the future, but the fact that the console supports Bluetooth suggests that Nintendo could release an official wireless headset down the line.

There are currently two companies that will sell licensed stereo headsets for the Wii U when it launches next month – Turtle Beach (Ear Force NLa and Ear Force NL11) and Mad Catz (Tritton Kunai).

Turtle Beach Wii U Headsets

It seems a little odd that you can’t use the GamePad’s built-in mic for voice chat and that there’s no headphone jack on the Pro Controller but perhaps Nintendo will make these features available at a later date.

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