Pikmin 3 coming to Wii U in Spring 2013

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Nintendo has revealed that Pikmin 3 will only be released for the Wii U next year.

Pikmin 3 Banner

The date was revealed in the latest Iwata Asks column, where the Wii U GamePad is discussed. A note in the column mentions that the first Pikmin game was released for the Nintendo GameCube in October 2001, and that Pikmin 3 is scheduled to be released for the Wii U in Spring 2013.

Browse through our previous coverage of Pikmin 3 for screenshots and trailers, or read our hands-on preview from E3 to to find out more about the game.

Are you disappointed to hear that Pikmin 3 won’t be a launch title for the Wii U? Let us know if you’ll be picking up a Wii U when it launches later in the year, and what titles you’re keen on playing then.

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