Just Dance 4 set to groove to Gangnam Style this November

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Gangnam Style, a popular music track by Korean pop star PSY, has been making quite a name for itself in the past few months. The track was released earlier this year in July and has since been viewed over 480 million times, making it into YouTube’s list of top ten most-viewed videos online.

rAge 2012 - Just Dance 4 Stand Image 1

From rAge in Johannesburg to the set of The Wolverine in Australia, Gangnam Style has been taking the world by storm with it’s catchy tune and entertaining dance moves. It seems that not even Hugh Jackman with Wolverine’s adamantium blades can resist the craze!

Gangnam Style - PSY and Hugh Jackman

And now Gangnam Style will invade the videogame world as a downloadable track for Just Dance 4. Gangnam Style will be available for all motion sensor platforms in November 2012…are you looking forward to it?

PSY is, he “can’t wait to see all the YouTube videos.”

How brave are you going to be?

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