Battlefield 3 Friday War Cry: Time to get up-close

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Last week we had some epic action on Battlefield 3 Friday, the matches were overly awesome with us running around, dodging bullets and stabbing people. The action does get really hectic when it comes to Close Quarters combat…and after popular demand we will be diving right back into some more Close Quarters action tonight.

Battlefield Friday

With me having my Birthday this week, I would like to ask everyone, please don’t take my tags. Like that is going to stop you from trying.

It’s time to get up-close and personal.

Will you support your squad and keep them alive with your revives? Will you camp in a corner and wait for your prey to appear? Or will your shotgun be smoking hot with all the kills you will be racking up?

Join us this evening on Xbox Live at 8:15pm. Add POItjie, Smuroh, Griff3nZA or CrazyErick for some epic battles. You never know, you might see some El33t members running around as well, it will be an honour to play with celebs of their status.

Just remember these five simple tips:

  • 1.) Always make sure your gun is loaded before you jump into battle.
  • 2.) Never leave a squad member behind.
  • 3.) Move and work together as a unit.
  • 4.) Have some epic fun.
  • 5.) Feel the Battle.

See you all online for some Battlefield 3 action. Give me a HUHRAH!!

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