Battlefield 3: Aftermath dated and detailed with trailer and screenshots, PlayStation 3 gets it first

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Back to Karkand. Close Quarters. Armored Kill.

These three expansions to Battlefield 3 have all given players hours upon hours of entertainment over above the game’s vanilla offering of multiplayer modes and maps – there’s not a hardcore Battlefield fan around that regrets purchasing these add-ons.

Well… that’s a guess and not based in factual evidence, but we’re sure the number of unsatisfied customers is very low. With this month’s release of Aftermath for Battlefield 3, we’re going to hazard another guess and say that franchise fans are going to go crazy for the next new add-on.

Battlefield 3: Aftermath Banner Logo 1

Battlefield 3: Aftermath takes players back to the streets and cities of Iran following a devastating earthquake. “Players will struggle for supremacy and survival amongst the devastation,” writes EA, “with heavily modified vehicles and the all-new crossbow at their disposal.”

New to Battlefield 3 multiplayer is the ‘Scavenger’ mode, which EA bills as “a frantic hunt for survival” where soldiers start equipped only with a knife, grenade and a sidearm and “must search the environment for more powerful weapons to increase their chance at surviving and eventually winning.”

Battlefield 3: Aftermath Screenshot 1

Scavenger Mode includes weapon spawning where armaments appear in set locations around a given map, but there is still an element of randomness to how these weapons spawn. Ammunition for these weapons will also be very scarce, which makes accurate, thoughtful shooting a vital part of survival.

Aftermath also introduces a new weapon, the crossbow, which will allow players to take enemies down in silence:

“Inspired by real life military engineering ingenuity,” says EA, “this crossbow is created by taking the stock of a malfunctioning assault rifle and assembling with the other parts needed, like a piece of wire for the string (maybe found inside a broken down car), some scrap metal for the bow mechanic and a scope.

“Just add duct tape, and you have a new and silent way to deliver deadly force to the enemy.”

Battlefield 3: Aftermath Screenshot 2

Three makeshift vehicles will also make an appearance in Aftermath, namely the US ‘Phoenix’ and Russian ‘Barsuk,’ as well as a heavily modified civilian vehicle, the ‘Rhino,’ each of which is fitted with additional armour and weaponry to make them highly effective in combat.

Look out for the release of Battlefield 3: Aftermath for PlayStation 3 Premium members on November 27th, while Xbox 360 and PC Premium members will get the content on December 4th.

Regular Battlefield 3 players on PlayStation 3 will get Aftermath on December 11th for $14.99, while non-Premium Xbox 360 and PC players can purchase and download the add-on on December 18th (for 1200 MS Points for Xbox 360 players).

Watch the recently released trailer for Aftermath below to catch glimpses of what to expect in the upcoming content:

Battlefield 3 – Aftermath Premiere Trailer

Battlefield 3: Aftermath Screenshot 3

Battlefield 3: Aftermath Screenshot 4

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