Get a visual overview of the new PlayStation Store with Sony’s video walkthrough

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PlayStation Store - New Look Overhaul Image 4

The redesigned PlayStation Store has begun rolling out in various parts of Europe and Australasia, with North America getting it next Tuesday, October 23rd. The new Store requires a small download (around 20 MB) before you can access it and appears to cache data as sections you have visited before load notably quicker than new content.

Sony recently released a great video walkthrough of the redesigned Store showing how it offers a superior user experience to the previous PlayStation Store along with a more attractive presentation.

Take a look below:

The new Store is built using HTML5 so Sony can quickly and easily add new features and make adjustments based on user feedback. No significant changes have been made to the Store’s frequently criticised Download List but Sony has promised that this is one of the areas it’s currently addressing.

Have you tried out the new PlayStation Store yet? If so, what are your initial thoughts?

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