Gears of War Wednesday: Weapons ready?

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It’s not even 1pm yet and we’re already itching for this week’s Gears of War 3 matches tonight!

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Gears of Wednesday has once again rolled around faster than we expected, so clean those Gnashers, oil those Lancers, check the sights on your Longshots… and put away the Scorchers and Boomshots! Please?

Personally, I’m keen for some King of the Hill, but our recent Guardian matches have all be incredibly intense, too, so whichever way the games flow we’ll be having a great time as always.

Join up on jGLZA and El33tOliver tonight, and look over this list of players o’er here to see who else you can add to your friends list.

See you tonight from 8pm on Xbox LIVE in Gears of War 3!

Psst… Who is our randomly chosen winner of an Xbox LIVE Arcade game for participating last week?

It’s none other than Lowcust ZA!

Thanks to Microsoft South Africa, and for simply playing during our Gears of War Wednesday evening, you can choose between LIMBO, Trials HD, Castle Crashers or Braid – let us know in the comments below and we’ll send you the code!

(Note: Braid requires the use of a UK Xbox LIVE account to access before being able to play on a South African account.)

(One last note: Blackwiddow, Black Axe and Big Ash, I’ll be sending your chosen codes through to you over Xbox LIVE today – thanks for your patience!)

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