rAge 2012 – Photos: Fending off fiends for free game vouchers

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If you happened to find yourself at rAge 2012 earlier this month, in amongst the towering stands and flashing lights, and through the alluring cacophony of sounds at the show, you would have ultimately ended up at’s booth.

rAge 2012: Kalahari's Grisly Stand Image 1

As though caught in some kind of familiar dream, it was inevitable that rAge 2012 attendees would wind up at the South African retailer’s stand at the show this year, but you would be forgiven for mistaking the dream for some kind of horrid nightmare.

Like a Siren Song, the promise of a free voucher lured countless souls to the numerous, jutting mouths of the stand. “Cash off of my next game pre-order at Kalahari? Don’t mind if I do!”

But that’s if you could make it through the throngs of ghoulish creatures inhabiting the booth:

rAge 2012 - Cosplay Image 6

rAge 2012 - Cosplay Image 1

Luckily, the monstrosities were very friendly and the staff at were very keen to hand out a free voucher to every rAge 2012 attendee who found themselves at the stand – who said monsters and creeps can’t be kind?

Here are some more scenes from’s setup at rAge this year, which was themed around horror games like Silent Hill, and urged you to seek a ‘Pre-Order Cure’ to stave off infection – very clever:

rAge 2012: Kalahari's Grisly Stand Image 2

rAge 2012: Kalahari's Grisly Stand Image 3

rAge 2012: Kalahari's Grisly Stand Image 4

rAge 2012 - Cosplay Image 9

Did you get a pre-order voucher at rAge 2012? Which game did you pre-order with the code?

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