Horrific DOOM 3: BFG Edition launch trailer unleashes Hell once more

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The original release of DOOM 3 on PC in 2004 not only represented a landmark in real-time graphics technology, but the game itself was genuinely gripping and one of the first titles I had ever played that could legitimately be called an ‘experience.’

I vividly remember creeping through the darkened hallways of DOOM 3’s vision of the Mars research facility, with what (at the time) resembled movie set-quality areas with jaw-dropping detail and movement – this was a real place, and Hell had engulfed it, twisting and contorting the world to its evil will.

It was terrifying.

DOOM 3: BFG Edition Screenshot 5

Now, here in 2012, DOOM 3: BFG Edition is available in the US across Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, and will launch in Europe, the UK and South Africa later this week.

This remastered version of the classic title comes standard with the ‘Resurrection of Evil’ add-on pack, eight all-new levels in ‘The Lost Mission’ scenario, gameplay enhancements and visual improvements, as well as the original DOOM and DOOM II.

It’s an horrific amount of content – see it all in action in the just-released launch trailer for DOOM 3: BFG Edition below:

DOOM 3 BFG Edition – Launch Trailer

Will you be going back to Hell in DOOM 3: BFG Edition this week?

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