FIFA 13 winners revealed! Laduma!

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FIFA 13 has been creating quite a stir on El33tonline over the past few weeks. We awarded the game a full five star rating in our review, and we dished out some awesome prizes during our FIFA 13 tournaments at rAge 2012.

FIFA 13 Competition Banner

So it’s no surprise then that our FIFA 13 competition was so popular. But there can be only one winner, oh wait, this is El33tonline so there can be six winners! And those lucky p33ps are…

Congratulations to Trebzz and Roebou for each winning a PS3 copy of the game, and to LKK and HookX87 for winning themselves a copy of the game on the PC, while Henrich and GillyMon win the game on the Xbox 360!

Thanks to everyone for entering and to EA South Africa for sponsoring this amazing competition!

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