US gets Xbox 360 price cut this Holiday, UK gets bundles instead

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As we head into the all-important Holiday Season, console manufacturers will be doing their absolute best to ensure consumers choose their videogame box over the competition in an effort to bump up their regional and worldwide installed base.

We’re only in October, but US-based retailer GameStop has already gone live with an offering to cut the price of an Xbox 360 bundle in the country, although it seems as though would-be gamers in the UK won’t be able to enjoy the same offer.

Xbox 360 Holiday Bundles (US)

If you buy an Xbox 360 bundle at GameStop (either a 250GB console with Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Forza 4, or the 4GB Kinect bundle with Kinect Adventures and Kinect Disney Adventures), you’ll be saving yourself $50 – nothing to sneeze at.

It’s believed that this price cut is temporary and will only last through to January, rather than representing a permanent drop.

In the UK, however, there will be no such price cuts for Xbox 360, but consumers in the region will be able to take advantage of a few different special bundles, including:

  • 250GB Christmas Value bundle inc. Skyrim and Forza 4 ‒ £199
  • 250 Kinect Holiday bundle including Kinect, Kinect Adventures, Dance Central 2 and Kinect Sports ‒ £299
  • 4GB Kinect Holiday Value bundle including Kinect, Kinect Adventures and Kinect Disneyland ‒ £249
  • 4GB Kinect and Nike+ Kinect Training bundle ‒ £269
  • 320GB Halo 4 Limited Edition console ‒ £269
  • 4GB White Gloss bundle ‒ £149

Pretty good bundles if you were to ask our opinion, but no price drops.

Are you expecting a price drop or special bundle in your region? Are you looking to pick up an Xbox 360 this Holiday?

We shot off an email to find out what South African consumers can expect this Holiday, vis-à-vis price cuts or special offers, but Graeme Selvan at Microsoft South Africa says that he’s waiting for news on the matter.

We’ll let you know when we know more.

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