Battlefield Friday War Report: Bang Bang Pew!

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Battlefield Friday has become a big part of my weekly traditions and this past Friday was no different. It was the first BF3 Friday in two weeks, due to rAge 2012. After our epic matches at rAge 2012 against Team SASS, we decided we need to kick it into gear so when we do face them again we will stand a chance.

We started off the action with some ‘Tank Superiority,’ but it was early so it was just me and Smuroh facing off against each other – we had some epic fun trying to destroy each other. I got some good shots in and managed to blow up his tanks a few times. We were then joined by more online soldiers and we jumped into the same team.

Battlefield 3 - Armored Kill Armored Shield

We were lucky enough to win the first round we played and we then played two rounds of ‘Rush’ on the new ‘Armored Kill’ maps, at which time we were joined by CrazyErick and BEANIBIL1TY – the hunt was on! Seeing that this was the second time we were joined by BEANIBIL1TY, we needed to do the BF3 ‘Welcome Ritual,’ by taking his tags. The race was on, who could take his tags first?! I managed to sneak up to him to claim his tags, wo we would like to say, “Welcome to Battlefield Friday!”

We then decided we were going to do some Close Quarters. While gaming we were joined by Piglet DE, RowanatorZA and Griff3nZA. Smuroh managed to be on the wrong team and we had us gunning him down. The matches were epic and the maps got destroyed by all the bullets flying around to get that very important kill (before the enemy kills you). Smuroh and I exchanged our tags again and in the one round I became his nemesis as I killed him 11 times on one map, but it was all good fun. We were also joined later on by GunnerJunkie.

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Screenshot

There were some small issues we had during our matches on Friday, though, and we started dropping offline one by one as the evening progressed due to a new Xbox LIVE terms update that was rolled out, but we all got back into the action when all was accepted. One person never made it back – he went missing. If you find Griff3nZA please let us know so we can tag him, so we can keep track of the youngster.

Thanks to everyone who joined in on the action, it was truly awesome and we had some great fun. See you all this Friday at 8:15pm on Xbox LIVE for some more epic Battlefield 3 action!

PS: In one round we played, I was slaughtered by Piglet DE like you won’t believe… but Lets leave it at that.

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