Xbox 360-exclusive Mass Effect 3 ‘Omega’ DLC dated and priced

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The long-awaited ‘Omega’ downloadable add-on for Mass Effect 3 has today received a date and price, and surprisingly, the content will be a timed Xbox 360 exclusive.

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Due out on November 27th for Xbox 360, and set at a price of 1200 MS Points, Omega for Mass Effect 3 will see players journeying back to the titular ‘Omega’ asteroid colony floating in the outer reaches of space, where you’ll take control of someone known as ‘Aria,’ a supposed gangster, who has been tasked with defending the colony from invading Cerberus forces.

According to BioWare, this DLC will be the biggest add-on content for the Mass Effect series and will also include a female Turian character who will help Aria in her quest to fend off the advances of Cerberus.

While it may be Xbox 360-exclusive on launch, PS3 and PC gamers will no doubt be able to download it a few weeks after it’s available.

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