El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: It was a dark and stormy night…

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It was a dark and stormy night…

The dark was extra dark, and the storms were extra stormy, and as Chris, Leon and Jake crept through their newly acquired mansion (“It’s a buyer’s market,” they were told), the unsettling moans and otherworldly noises that emanated from within the old, foreboding house kept them standing firmly in the foyer.

With so many doors in the mansion, with untold horrors waiting on the other side, this was going to be a tough night for a Master of Unlocking…

While those three fools fumble around in the dark this weekend, find out what members of El33tonline will be up to over the next two days:


“This weekend I’m hoping that the skies will clear so I can head down to the beachfront – it’s been way too long since I was in the waves!

I’m also keen to play some more FIFA 13 before writing my review – I keep trying to be online at the same time as Russell so we can play a versus match but he has a frustrating habit of logging off Xbox LIVE whenever I come on.

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita is also beckoning so hopefully I’ll find some time to get a bit further in story mode this weekend! I’m very impressed with what I’ve seen so far…

Have a great weekend everyone!”

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“This weekend business is serious business. I mean, we work all week long to get through the grind just to make enough money to pay our bills and feed our families. And then we’re expected to still buy gaming stuff. How is that fair? Maybe if I stopped working, I’d stop getting bills, and if I stopped getting bills, I’d have no financial worries and I could just enjoy bumming games off my mates?

Sadly, that doesn’t even sound like a utopian solution to this “working for the man” (or woman, ahem) syndrome, so instead I’m just going to have to work even harder – and on weekends too! This weekend will be overtime work for this little dad, so that I can pay for those dastardly expensive nappies. The worst part is, my son is barely three weeks old and he’s outgrowing the size 1 nappies before we’ve used them up! Word of caution to all soon-to-be dads: stockpiling nappies is nothing like stockpiling resources for The Zombie Apocalypse; in the case of nappies, you really can have too many!

Now that I have virtually no time to myself for gaming, I may as well apply my mind in between key presses to how I can convert those remaining size 1 nappies into makeshift sling shots or maggot-breeding grenades that can be hurled at the shambling corpses… after all, maggots eat dead flesh you know…”

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“This will be a weekend spent relaxin’ in Pandora, heading back to the vastness of Darksiders II, and playing through Toxic Bunny HD. I’m also itching for a good racing and strategy game, so I’ve got the demos for Forza Horizon and XCOM: Enemy Unknown lined up on mah Xbox to help out with that.

I hope you all have an excellent weekend with enough downtime to get you recharged for next week and upcoming challenges… as well as a whole new deluge of games on the way in time for the holidays!

See you all soon, p33ps!”

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“This weekend I’m looking forward to heading back to Pandora to continue my journey in Borderlands 2. I’m also excited to begin another new adventure in Resident Evil 6:preferably on a dark and stormy night. With the way the weather is looking in Durban this morning, it looks like I may just get more than I bargained for!

Have a good weekend p33ps!”

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What are your plans this weekend, everybody? Let us know below!

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