El33tonline at rAge 2012: Russell’s experiences at the show

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Last week in Johannesburg at the Coca-Cola Dome, El33tonline and leading South African ADSL service provider Afrihost left an indelible mark on this year’s edition of rAge, South Africa’s premiere videogame and technology expo.

In a series of feature articles, members of El33tonline talk about their experiences at rAge 2012 and mention a few of their favourite things about this year’s event. Russell is going to kick us off with a very nice summary of events, with his highlights included:

Russell’s Experiences at rAge 2012

I entered 2012 not knowing what rAge was. Yes, I confess that I was a total rAge n00b. However, in various discussion with non-n00bs, I decided that I was definitely going to rAge this year and I booked it nice and early. And, early last Thursday, I was, very excitedly, Jo’burg bound with no idea what I was in for.

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The first thing I noticed about rAge was the sheer amount of work that goes into organising one of these things. On Thursday afternoon, everything was very disorganised and there were a lot of very nervous, sweaty, anxious individuals running around, screaming and otherwise panicking like those people in the movies where bombs are going off. So, (intelligently I thought), I helped out a bit at our stand (“Afril33t, Afril33t, Afril33t!”) and then ducked off home.

Friday morning we arrived nice and early and, not surprisingly, there was a lot of stuff still needing to be done. Our furniture hadn’t arrived yet and this was causing a bit of angst amongst our friends. However, everything arrived and, once set up, looked awesome.

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9:00am arrived and the hoards piled into the venue. I mean, there were geeks everywhere, sprinting around trying to achieve their own personal goals. It was as though someone had evacuated the development office of Microsoft.

My day consisted of the following, in no particular order…

  • Visiting various stands and having a mind-boggling time with all the awesome stuff on offer. In fact, my most common phrase was “Man, I really want that…”
  • Running FIFA 13 tournaments at our stand with my buddy Tom (these were VERY successful and we gave away t-shirts, games and more)
  • Signing up people for our awesome competitions.
  • Participating in the give-aways of which there were many.
  • Crowd control during the big give-aways (we gave away Xboxes, tablets and even an Samsung S3)
  • Playing various games that are about to be released. Look out for Forza 4, Far Cry 3, Assassin’s Creed 3 (WOW), WWE13 and many more. In fact, I am sure we’re going to be doing previews of these games so keep checking back on
  • Trying to find somewhere to rest my aching feet

rAge 2012 - Cosplay Image 13

I was very surprised at the number of people at rAge and I was especially impressed at the number of female gamers that were participating. It just goes to show that gaming is becoming more mainstream and an acceptable hobby / lifestyle / passion for everyone.

The following things stood out for me at rAge

  • The sheer volume of work required. Well done to everyone who had a stand there.
  • The Afrihost / El33tonline stand was fantastic. Well placed, well manned and very generous throughout the weekend.
  • Assassin’s Creed 3 ‒ wow!
  • The Nintendo stand was a lot of fun
  • The EA stand was just awesome
  • The PlayStation stand was a lot of fun and they’ve got a lot of nice games coming out soon.
  • The friendliness of most of the people.
  • The 2500 people LAN
  • The guys at Evopoints were a lot of fun
  • The level of participation in the Cosplay. Some guys went to a lot of trouble and the results were awesome.

rAge 2012 - Afril33t Stand Image 2

So much happened this weekend and I hope this post and the El33tonline posts cover it all.

I just want to say thanks to everyone involved, especially the El33tonline staff and the p33ps that came to visit. It was awesome!

rAge 2012 - Afril33t Stand Image 3

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