Battlefield Friday War Cry: Is that our tank?

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I’m just going to cut to the chase: Today is Friday, or as we call it, Battlefield Friday. Last week I wasn’t online due to being at rAge 2012, but tonight I’m back and I’m ready to destroy some tanks, buildings and anything that moves.

Are you ready for the mind-blowing action that is Battlefield 3?

Battlefield Friday

Last weekend we were shown that we need to spend some more time in Battlefield 3, but I don’t see a problem with that. Tonight we need to go big, and what better way than to play on some of the biggest maps in gaming history. Get your tanks ready, as tonight we roll out and take some names!

Join us this evening on the Battlefield 3 on Xbox LIVE at 8:15pm. I can tell you this: the action is going to be over the top and it’s going to go on until early in the morning. We are ready to take some names, blow stuff up and most importantly: Have fun!

See the skills Smuroh has with his sniper rifle, the tag collecting master Griff3nZA and the tank repairing professional CrazyErick, but we shouldn’t forget our team medics Piglet DE and POItjie, either

See you all on the Battlefield and remember this: Feel the Battle!

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