Sony reveals new-look PlayStation Store, new features included

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If there’s one thing that PlayStation 3 owners (and Sony fans in general) can’t boast about, it’s the system’s dedicated online shopping destination, the PlayStation Store.

Even after a full redesign some time ago, browsers are often-times stumped and stymied by the Store’s navigation system, search facilities and overall speed. Xbox LIVE Marketplace, on the other hand, while not perfect either, is at least a few more steps in the right direction.

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So it’s something of a relief that at a Sony-hosted press event in London today, a new-look and overhauled PlayStation Store was revealed, which will go live as early as mid-October in Europe.

The new PlayStation Store will not only include a completely new look, but extra features will be added to the digital shopping experience, and is set to go live on October 17th in Europe and October 23rd in North America,

Consumer site VG247 was at the press event and writes that the new PlayStation Store will better highlight content by using a more visual approach, with games, TV shows and movies all shown on the front page.

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Apparently, part of the new design aesthetic involves the use of a ‘Hero’ concept, where pages on the Store will be accompanied by known characters from various games.

Search functionality has also been addressed with the new PlayStation Store, with ‘smart’ search features to help you find what you’re looking for as you type in your query (with mis-spellings taken into account, too). Search filtering has also been implemented (by type, price, peripheral support and others) while performance will be refined in the future:

“What will be refreshing to customers is that this will represent a new agile programme that will enable us to add new content every month or so, rather than dumping the new content and saying we’re done,” said PlayStation Store product development manager, Elliot Dumville.

You can read through VG247’s full report for more information, but we’ll be sure to bring you our hands-on impressions of the new PlayStation Store very soon, too.

PlayStation Store - New Look Overhaul Image 3

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What do you wish to be changed about the PlayStation Store with the overhaul? One of our chief complaints is the speed at which we’re able to browse through the different sections of the online marketplace, so hopefully this will be refined.

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