rAge 2012: Special Battlefield 3 War Report – El33tonline VS Team SASS!

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This year at rAge 2012, there were so many new and upcoming games to play, but exhibitors also had some older (still exciting) titles for attendees to see. At the Afril33t Stand (Afrihost and El33tonline), for example, they had Need For Speed: The Run, and at the Gioteck stand they had one of my all-time favourite and instant classic games, Battlefield 3.

When we arrived at rAge on Friday afternoon, we had a chat at the Xbox stand and heard our first rumour that there was a group of Durban Gamers being challenged by Team SASS.

rAge 2012: Battlefield 3 Tournament Image 1

At first we thought that it would be cool to see and be part of. The more we walked around, and the more we heard about this challenge, the more interested we got, thinking to ourselves, “Why didn’t we challenge them?” The next day we walked around rAge, we had a chat to El33tonline EiC Lisa and heard that the challengers of Team SASS were us! We were shocked and excited at the same time.

Let me give you some quick information about Team SASS: They are a Battlefield 3 Clan that is sponsored by South Africa game distributor, Apex Interactive. They mainly play on PlayStation 3 and they practise around six to ten hours a day. They’re also named the number one team in SA for Battlefield 3. So you see, our challenge was a big one.

rAge 2012: Battlefield 3 Tournament Image 5

We quickly made a time for the challenge, and the ‘mini tournament’ would take place on Sunday at 12 o’clock in the afternoon. The challenge was laid down: If we can beat them, then each member of our El33tonline team would receive a Gioteck headset, so we quickly made plans to get our squad to four members. Our team consisted of Smuroh, Griff3nZA, El33tOliver and myself (POItjie). All we had to do was wait for the challenge to arrive.

During the day we visited the Gioteck stand and met the SASS guys and their team leader. We saw how they played and just blew everyone away playing against them. So we got a bit nervous and decided that we would give it a try, almost like a pre-match to see how it is to play on the PlayStation 3 (we usually play on the Xbox 360).

We had some issues with the PS3 controller as we weren’t use to the layout, but lucky for us Gioteck has a controller for the PS3 that has the same layout as the Xbox 360 controller. Apex Interactive kindly offered to set up four controllers for us on Sunday to make the game a bit more even.

rAge 2012: Battlefield 3 Tournament Image 3

Sunday came and we were super amped to take part in this mini tournament. The game was set as follows: We will have one Team Death match warm-up round and then we will have a best out of five rounds of Close Quarters Conquest Domination. Everyone will have Stock standard weapons with no attachments.

At 11:45 we arrived at the Gioteck stand and they were busy setting up our controllers. We started getting nervous, but were still super excited. People stood around waiting for the action to start, we all took our places and got ready. Sadly with all things, we had some technical issues. The internet connection went down and we all lost connection. We rebooted the router and tried again, but we were unsuccessful. So our match was rescheduled until to 3pm that day so the Telkom technician had some time to fix the problem.

rAge 2012: Battlefield 3 Tournament Image 4

Come 3pm, we were running late as two of us were busy playing F1 2012 at the one stand, but we managed to arrive just in time when the lines came back online. We took our places, picked up our headsets and controllers and got into the zone.

First up was the warm-up match and it was epic fast – we discovered that we had an even bigger challenge that lay ahead, but we were there (mostly) for the fun. We started the first official round on a good foot, with some good kills and even some tags being claimed, but then Team SASS just kicked into another gear and we got shown why they are number one in SA. Round after round we lost. When it came down to the very important “We have to win this one to stay in it” round, we told ourselves “We can do this,” but sadly they were just too good.

rAge 2012: Battlefield 3 Tournament Image 7

I just want to say thanks to Team SASS and Apex Interactive for giving us this opportunity of challenging the team. At the end of the day we had some great fun and decided that we are going to get some practise in so that we can have a rematch. Before we left we took a quick snap of us with Team SASS.

They showed us why they are number one, at least we can say we are number two, right?

rAge 2012: Battlefield 3 Tournament Image 18

Look forward to tomorrow when we’ll be posting a few videos from the El33tonline VS Team SASS matches, but for now have a look over a collection of photos from the mini-tournament below.

Also remember about our weekly Battlefield Friday matches at 8:15pm on Xbox LIVE, and join in the action!

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rAge 2012: Battlefield 3 Tournament Image 10

rAge 2012: Battlefield 3 Tournament Image 11

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