Gears of War Wednesday: Adrenaline shot via flaming gnashers!

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Last week the El33t team was absent as they were off preparing for their expedition to rAge this past weekend. Unfortunately for them there was also no Gears of War: Judgment on display so you just know their trigger fingers are a itching and stomping boots a kicking.

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So do join us as we aim to deliver an adrenalin shot the only way Gears Wednesday knows how, via flaming gnashers and fiery bommetjies!

To join the action and fun keep an eye out for jGLZA, El33tOliver, LeeLooZA or Numphie on Xbox LIVE from about 20:00 till that ‘One more’ game eventually comes.

Thanks to the Gears who joined in the action last week:

  • Ninjascreed22
  • Superdeco44
  • oo OB1 oo
  • Coldrufis ZA
  • MarqueVonNasta
  • ArchangelZN
  • No1 ZA
  • MacGyver ZA
  • TheMEKMaster
  • Lowcust ZA
  • BogusHenry
  • Ninjanoob91
  • NORR3
  • JGD007
  • LegendKiller ZA
  • ZeekyZA
  • FoFoZA
  • bradonis
  • BogusQuade
  • RagedBu113T

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