rAge 2012: Find Afrihost and El33tonline’s Stand 16 with our handy map!

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By now, South African gamers are keenly aware that their country’s premier gaming and technology event is about to blast off into the stratosphere and that they have less than two days to prepare themselves for launch!

rAge 2012 begins on October 5th (this Friday!) and once again takes place at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg!

rage 2012: Afril33t Map Banner

Now in its tenth year, you would expect rAge attendees to know their way around The Dome by now, but because the layout of the exhibitors’ stands keeps changing, and because distributor and publisher presence gets bigger and better every year, rAge continues to grow and transform year to year.

To help show goers find their way to arguably the most important place at rAge 2012, El33tonline has put together a handy map for everyone to peruse and perhaps print out to follow from October 5th to October 7th…

rage 2012: Afril33t Map Image (Smaller)

(Click here to download a larger version of the Afril33t Map.)

As you can plainly see, Afrihost and El33tonline’s Stand 16 is situated very close to the main entrance, and as you walk (READ: Run madly through) the big glass doors of The Dome, all you’ll need to do is calmly stroll (READ: Dash wildly) a few metres forward and then turn left towards our space on the showfloor of rAge 2012.

Why on earth would you visit El33tonline and Afrihost at Stand 16 from October 5th to the 7th at rAge 2012? Loads of reasons, including the chance to win consoles and games, spot prizes like USB sticks and branded merchandise, and the opportunity to snag a mini-fridge or shiny limited edition Xbox 360 controllers.

We’ll also be holding mini FIFA 13, Need For Speed: The Run and Joe Danger 2 contests and.. what else… oh yes… we’re giving away a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1! To top it all off, we’ll have treasure hunts, extra contests and free WiFi at our stand!

If you’re going to rAge 2012 this week, don’t pass up the chance to visit Afrihost and El33tonline’s ‘Afril33t’ stand, say ‘hi,’ and grab your chance to win big!

Just follow the map and you’ll find us, just fine.

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