Gears of War Wednesday: A few good COGs will turn this war around

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Times are tough, soldier. This is a dirty, desperate war and even though we’ve achieved much in a short space of time, and we must take pride in those achievements, there’s still more to do.

Unfortunately, we can’t dictate the terms of war and while it would be great to fight with the full might of the COG army, personnel are constantly being redeployed into areas that the higher-ups think will suit them better, which means we lose a few good COGs in the process.

Just this week, we’ve lost three soldiers because the top brass thought it would be a good idea to assign them to duties elsewhere in the field, fighting a war of a different kind.

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While we fight in trenches, these three have been sent to the frontlines with fresh supplies for the troops we may have long forgotten, bringing renewed messages of hope to the brave men and women who have lost their way. Their mission is also one of recruitment, finding willing young bodies to join the cause and fight alongside us.

These three brave soldiers will also be selecting prize winners and packing videogames into envelopes to… wait a minute, that’s not in line with the fiction! Guess that’s my cue to drop the pretence.

Tonight, Lisa (Leeloo ZA), Wayne (Numphie) and myself (El33tOliver) will be making our final preparations for rAge 2012, which begins this Friday, but we’ll be heading up to Jo’burg very early tomorrow morning to get ready for the event. As a result, chances of making it to tonight’s Gears of War Wednesday sessions are slim, but if we get a chance, we’ll be there.

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If you’re playing tonight, do your fellow Gears of War 3 players a favour and help them get into games, and help Community Leader jGLZA start up some matches. You can also help by scratching down the names of players you see in tonight’s matches and mailing them off to oliver[@]

Thanks everybody, and enjoy the matches tonight at 8pm – you might just be able to find the following players online this evening:

  • Shamil H
  • Germ002
  • Ice O Terrik
  • LikeanAngel ZA
  • HomeBoyZA
  • Ninjanoob91
  • Blackwiddow01
  • SonOfAnarch Za
  • Supanov4 ZA
  • Superdeco44
  • GaaTY
  • GreatwytY
  • EmOrtalSn1per
  • The Rock ZA
  • ArchangelZN
  • muj33b
  • apezhitshotgunR
  • FLS Voogle
  • Vegeta ZA
  • FoFoZA
  • FLS Corvus
  • FLS Teeebagz U
  • Roligov ZA
  • Omegazn
  • ArchangelZN
  • BogusHenry
  • FLS Vengeance
  • FLS Legacy
  • n0v14
  • FrostBite ZA
  • DrtV8derZA
  • ThaidInsane
  • OneWingedAnge7
  • Toxickvenom
  • Toxickbunny
  • Lowcust ZA
  • MacDeathZA
  • BobSmokinMarley
  • Bull3tSaint
  • ZeekyZA
  • Butcha Boi ZA
  • Swannie ZA
  • Pho3n1X ZA
  • Mantis ZA
  • Google ZA
  • fletbedZA
  • z00bear
  • Scorpion VPD
  • Salvator ZA
  • THEMekMaster
  • H0ly Diver
  • NORR3
  • Mainsteyn 09
  • ColumnedNewt501
  • Boogieman ZA
  • TenousCypress7
  • Sir Shady16333
  • autostyle
  • No1 za
  • BaSheg89
  • Insanie
  • Huuuge13
  • GrimLightning

Who is our randomly chosen winner of an Xbox LIVE Arcade game for participating last week?

It’s none other than Blackwiddow01!

Thanks to Microsoft South Africa, and for simply playing during our Gears of War Wednesday evening, you can choose between LIMBO, Trials HD, Castle Crashers or Braid – let us know in the comments below and we’ll send you the code!

(Note: Braid requires the use of a UK Xbox LIVE account to access before being able to play on a South African account.)

If you’ve won a code and haven’t received it from us, we’ll be sending codes off very soon – we haven’t forgotten about you!

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