Don’t go missing! Submit your photo for the Resident Evil 6 wall at rAge!

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You may not have even noticed, but a deadly virus is spreading through the world as you read this very text. Very soon now, we will be fighting for our lives as the virus infects everyone on Earth and we’ll need to fend off all those who have been ‘turned’ by what we can only assume is a plague of ‘End Times’ proportions.

There’s No Hope Left.

In the ensuing chaos, you’re bound to lose touch with friends and family members, so for rAge 2012 next month Capcom has thought ahead and is asking you to submit photos and details of your loved ones to help you locate them after the virus hits… Capcom may even help your family find you!

Hope Is Lost E32012

To celebrate the release of Resident Evil 6, Capcom will be building a special ‘Missing’ wall at this year’s videogame and technology expo, rAge, and if you would like to submit a photo of yourself to be placed on that wall you’ve only got a few more days to send in your details – here’s what they’re looking for:

  • Name of the person missing

  • Name of the person who created the poster (can be fictitious)

  • Image of the missing person

  • Either the text you want Capcom to use or ideas for the text (i.e. place they live, birthplace, name of pet or wife or children etc.). Note you do not have to provide the text but a context for what Capcom should write would help if you don’t want the text to be generic.

As an example of what you’ll need to send in, here’s a rootin’ tootin’ photo of Wayne’s submission for Capcom’s wall at E3 2012 in June:

Hope Is Lost E32012 Wayne

You have until October 1st to send in your photo and details, so hurry – you don’t want to go missing! Email your submission to: missing[@]

You stand a chance of winning games and goodies if you do!

(Note: The submissions that we have received via the previously advertised email address will all be sent on to Capcom, so there’s no need to submit again.)

Watch this video we took of Capcom’s wall at E3 this year to see what you can expect at rAge 2012 next month:

Resident Evil 6 and the missing El33t crew in LA

Are you going to rAge 2012 from October 5th to the 7th? El33tonline will be there, too, and if you have submitted a photo to Capcom’s wall we’re running a special competition just for you!

Simply find Capcom’s ‘Missing’ wall at rAge 2012 in The Coca-Cola Dome, take a photo of your submission on the wall, and bring it to us to be entered into a draw – you could win a special Resident Evil 6 goodie! We’ll announce further details soon.

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