Gears of War Wednesday: COGs Without Borders

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We’re certainly well aware of a new affliction spreading across South Africa today that’s specifically targeting gamers in the country, but despite this set-back we’re still going to be taking to the arenas in Gears of War 3 for our regularly scheduled Gears of War Wednesday matches!

While the ‘Border Flu’ is very debilitating, forcing gamers in South Africa to play a single game at a time for hours on end with no hope of escaping the title’s trance, Gears of War 3 may just be the cure we’ve been looking for.

While this illness is restrictive, Gears 3 has no borders to speak of – no limitations – so we hope to see you online tonight from 8pm on Xbox LIVE to experience gaming freedom… and crushing online matches.

Look out for the usual suspects including jGLZA, El33tOliver, Leeloo ZA and Numphie, as well as the following players:

  • Shamil H
  • Germ002
  • Ice O Terrik
  • LikeanAngel ZA
  • HomeBoyZA
  • Ninjanoob91
  • Blackwiddow01
  • SonOfAnarch Za
  • Supanov4 ZA
  • Superdeco44
  • GaaTY
  • GreatwytY
  • EmOrtalSn1per
  • The Rock ZA
  • ArchangelZN
  • muj33b
  • apezhitshotgunR
  • FLS Voogle
  • Vegeta ZA
  • FoFoZA
  • FLS Corvus
  • FLS Teeebagz U
  • Roligov ZA
  • Omegazn
  • ArchangelZN
  • BogusHenry
  • FLS Vengeance
  • FLS Legacy
  • n0v14
  • FrostBite ZA
  • DrtV8derZA
  • ThaidInsane
  • OneWingedAnge7
  • Toxickvenom
  • Toxickbunny
  • Lowcust ZA
  • MacDeathZA
  • BobSmokinMarley
  • Bull3tSaint
  • ZeekyZA
  • Butcha Boi ZA
  • Swannie ZA
  • Pho3n1X ZA
  • Mantis ZA
  • Google ZA
  • fletbedZA
  • z00bear
  • Scorpion VPD
  • Salvator ZA
  • THEMekMaster
  • H0ly Diver
  • NORR3
  • Mainsteyn 09
  • ColumnedNewt501
  • Boogieman ZA
  • TenousCypress7
  • Sir Shady16333
  • autostyle
  • No1 za
  • BaSheg89
  • Insanie
  • Huuuge13
  • GrimLightning

Will you be playing tonight? We’re in the mood for some King of the Hill and Guardian!

Who is our randomly chosen winner of an Xbox LIVE Arcade game for participating last week?

It’s none other than BIG Ash CT!

Thanks to Microsoft South Africa, and for simply playing during our Gears of War Wednesday evening, you can choose between LIMBO, Trials HD, Castle Crashers or Braid – let us know in the comments below and we’ll send you the code!

(Note: Braid requires the use of a UK Xbox LIVE account to access before being able to play on a South African account.)

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