Buddy Up For Borderlands 2: Share your nick, connect with the community!

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After an unfortunate delay, the highly anticipated Borderlands 2 is now (officially) available in South Africa!

We’ve been hearing reports of people having their games delivered already, impatiently waiting until later today when they’re able to pop the disc in and start playing, while others are eagerly waiting the time that they can go pick it up.

Borderlands 2 is a first-person shooter with healthy RPG elements, but it really shines as a four-player co-operative shooter online. To get the most of out the game, who are you going to be playing Borderlands 2 with?

Buddy Up For Borderlands 2!

Let’s try and ‘Buddy Up’ and find some co-op partners so we can all dive into action-packed adventures on Pandora, together!

If you would like to find a group of players with which to play Borderlands 2, or you’re looking for more players to share the game with over and above your regular playing group, we’re inviting you to leave your details in the comments below so you can do just that.

Pertinent details include:

  • Platform/s (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or PC)

  • Xbox LIVE Gamertag, PSN ID or Steam ID (or all)

  • Ideal time of the day/night you will be playing Borderlands 2

  • Ideal day/s on which you would be playing Borderlands 2 (weekdays, weekend, either/or)

You can leave your details below, and we encourage everyone to add others to your respective friends lists to play online with the community.

See you on Pandora soon!

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