Darksiders II Review (Xbox 360)

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Reaper of Souls. Ender of Worlds. Kinslayer. Horsemen. Pale Rider. Brother.

He is known by many names and feared in many realms. His exploits are legendary and his actions have affected nothing less than the very fabric of time. His influence is far-reaching and inescapable. Now, however, he’s on a new quest. While he claims he has no soul of his own ‒ incapable of feeling or emotion ‒ he is hell-bent on redeeming his brother, War, a fellow Horsemen of the Apocalypse who has been wrongfully accused of bringing ultimate destruction to Earth and Mankind.

He will defy the eternal Charred Council and travel to strange, otherworldly and demonic lands while meeting helpful characters and terrible creatures, slaying any monstrous denizen that lies between him and his goal. When his quest has ended, though, you will have ridden with one of the coolest, most interesting new characters to be introduced to the world of videogames in recent years and experienced a breathless, epic adventure.

Once his journey is complete and you have finished Darksiders II, you will know Death.

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