TGS 2012: Resident Evil 6 trailer goes Hollywood: Intrigue, drama, explosions, snowmobiles – it’s all there

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In El33tonline’s previous hands-on previews and coverage of Resident Evil 6, we’ve made a case for the game’s move towards evolving the long-running horror franchise into more of an ‘action horror’ franchise, with equal parts suspense, exploration and intense third-person shooting.

This latest trailer, however…

Resident Evil 6 Banner

After kicking off with some incredibly affecting dramatic scenes, the action rollercoasters its way to an explosive crescendo, with all of the action and intrigue you could possibly want. It’s the very best bits of a Hollywood blockbuster set in one of the most beloved videogame franchises, and it’s wonderful to watch.

You can watch it too, below:

Resident Evil 6 – TGS 2012 Trailer

That release date at the end there is for Japan – Resident Evil 6 is out on October 2nd in the US, Europe, the UK and South Africa across Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with a PC release to follow… later.

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