Report: 3DS Circle Pad Pro gets a redesign for the 3DS XL

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The Circle Pad Pro peripheral for Nintendo’s 3DS remains one of the company’s greatest missteps with the handheld. Ostensibly designed and released to provide an additional analogue stick for more action-oriented games, its still at least a little peculiar that Nintendo didn’t try to include the second nub at launch.

3DS XL Circle Pad Pro

After the Circle Pad Pro became a known quantity, Nintendo opted not to include the peripheral with the recently released 3DS XL, a move that could have helped propagate the add-on. Additionally, the 3DS-exclusive Kid Icarus: Uprising action title wasn’t bundled with the Circle Pad Pro (which could have greatly benefited both game and device acceptance), but an awkward ‘stand’ instead.

In the meantime, not a whole lot of games have been used to promote the add-on, with Resident Evil: Revelations, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D and the upcoming Monster Hunter 4 and Ultimate said to use the device to the full.

What’s the latest entry to the Circle Pad Pro saga? A redesigned version of the peripheral for use with the 3DS XL.

Pictured above, the new iteration of the Circle Pad Pro looks a little sleeker and provides space for at least one of the 3DS XL’s outputs, which the previous version of the peripheral would have covered up – here’s the older Circle Pad Pro for comparison:

Nintendo 3DS Expansion Slide Pad Image

Have you got a Circle Pad Pro for your 3DS? Would you be interested in getting a new Circle Pad Pro for your 3DS XL to play a handful of games more effectively?

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