El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: Birthday wishes, baby thieves and secret games

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It’s almost that wonderful weekend time again, and for South Africa, it means three days of rest and relaxation as the country celebrates Heritage Day on Monday, September 24th!

The question remains, however, what do members of El33tonline have planned for the coming days? Another question lingers, too, regarding your activities this weekend – what are you up to? You can find the answer to the first question, and then tell us the answer to the second, below:


“This weekend will mostly be spent prone on the couch trying to shake off the remnants of this blasted flu – I’m starting to think it would be easier to live through a zombie invasion.

So after as many meds and stimpacks as my body can take, I’m hoping to be well enough to try out some of the fantastic games in the most recent Humble Indie Bundle 6. If you haven’t checked it out before, go on over to, pay what you want, support charity and get some amazing independent games. You can even gift it for a friend as a birthday present, speaking of which… Happy Birthday Lisa!”

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“This long weekend I hope to soak up some sun at the beach and watch South Africa’s T20 World Cup game tomorrow. I’ve also got a ton of games to play at the moment (I’m not complaining!) including NHL 13, Trine 2 and Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations, as well as a top secret title that I can’t wait to get stuck into this evening!

On Monday it’s my wedding anniversary (three years and counting) so I’m looking forward to celebrating the occasion with my lovely wife.

Take it easy p33ps and I hope you all make the most of the extended break!”

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“This weekend is a long weekend.

I am cycling this weekend. Towbar fitted, bike rack purchased, motivation polished and shiny. That’s all I have planned.

I finished Sleeping Dogs recently but now I want to start completing the achievements. Only done about half. Also I might purchase some new songs for Rock Band Blitz. However, I have been feeling an inclination to play some Tiger Woods. The kids will definitely play Indiana Jones Lego ‒ man those little guys are getting good at that game. I suppose I better get used to them kicking my butt at games though.

Hope everyone has an AW3SOM3 w33k3nd.”

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“RIP Gaming Life. 17 September 2012. 13:59. Wrenched from my hands like a doctor performing a Caesarian delivery.

Hello parenthood. Welcome little Arthur – or as my Babycity SMS should have said if it weren’t for a glitch in their text parsing parameters – welcome Arthur, future Springbok captain and ladies man.

I honestly don’t think I’ll have much time for anything else besides family and parenting this weekend: my kids’ combined ages are 21 months … The number of kids is the true meaning of the term “Terrible Two’s” in my opinion.

I am not sorry to be parenting but if I get an opening at 3am when mommy’s feeding little Arthur, I’ll sneak in some Realms of Ancient War – such a pity my co-op partner will have her hands full!

I’ll leave with this parting shot – surely in our wonderfully Constitution-driven nation, it is considered discrimination to not provide the dads with a Paternity Ward at hospital? Why don’t WE have a cool hydraulic bed with remote control Dr. Evil buttons and get a TV and plenty of sleep time and meals delivered to us three times a day, with nurses only a red button away to bring us more tea and biscuits?

Just seems horribly unfair … Am I alone on this?”

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“Nothing like a long weekend to satisfy a gamers needs; now you’ve got 1 extra day to game some more! Cape Town Gamers be sure to check out the Black Ops Zombies Revival LAN at Gecosports in Claremont tonight for some zombie slaying action, and tomorrow also at Gecosports begins the Street Fight 4 Tournament in search of Cape Town’s best Fighter!

And if you’re just looking for a place to game with some friends, come along anyway! The more gamers the more awesome the vibe, so come say hi!”



“After a rough week, things have taken an upturn with the commencement of Lisa’s Birthday today and the re-realisation that it’s a long weekend.

I was also inspired recently to give road running++ a try so I might actually ease myself into that this weekend, but there’s still some writing to do, as well as planning and organisation to be done for rAge… which happens in two weeks time. Gah.

What’s everybody going to be playing over the long weekend without Borderlands 2 or F1 2012 to keep them company? Surely you’ve got more than a few titles in the ol’ back catalog?

Have an excellent time of it, everybody, we’ll speak again real soon! And one more big Happy Birthday to Lisa on her special day!”

(++ Of course I mean ‘play Mirror’s Edge’)

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