Chilling new CGI trailer for Dead Island Riptide surfaces

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Deep Silver has released a new CGI trailer for Dead Island Riptide, the next installment in the Dead Island franchise that’s scheduled to be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in 2013.

Dead Island Riptide Banner

The survivors of the zombie-apocalypse on the island resort of Banoi escaped to safety in a helicopter to a military ship. But a furious storm hits and the virus starts spreading through the crew, starting the nightmare all over again, this time on the island of Palanai which is now crawling with new zombie mutations. The monsoon has laid waste to large areas of the island, boats are the only remaining transportation due to the Henderson city and jungle areas of the island being flooded.

Dead Island Riptide brings back the mix of open-world gameplay, co-op first-person action and RPG elements that featured in the original Dead Island, promising to ‘reanimate the zombie terror.’ A fifth character with a new skillset will join the team, and you’ll need to use the combined skills of the group if you’re going to survive the new zombie mutations on the island.

Dead Island Riptide Screenshot 1

The game will also feature new vehicles, weapon proficiency, new levels and dynamic weather conditions that will force the team to adapt to changing visibility conditions. New communication features in multiplayer will be needed because the new hub defense missions your co-op teamplay skills will be tested as you strategically place traps, fences and turrets to fend off zombie onslaughts and protect the humans in these sanctuaries.

Watch the chilling new CGI trailer below, and don’t miss the debut screenshots and Interferences trailer after that.

Dead Island Riptide Screenshot 2

Dead Island Riptide Screenshot 3

Dead Island Riptide Screenshot 4

Dead Island Riptide Screenshot 5

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