Rabbids Land Q&A: What’s new, asymmetrical gameplay, console launches and more

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Ubisoft is pledging its support for Nintendo’s Wii U this year in a big way with a massive line-up of launch titles, not least of which is a continuation of the publisher’s ultra-popular series of party and family mini-games starring the ever-lovable Rabbids!

During Gamescom 2012, Lisa was able to get some hands-on time with the next game in the series, Rabbids Land which is a Wii U exclusive (read her preview over here) and below you can read an interview with the brand manager on the Rabbids Land to find out more about the title:

Question 1.) Could you start by introducing yourself and your role in the development team?

I’m Joel Gaudeul, International Brand Manager on Rabbids Land. I am part of the Core Team and support them to develop new game concepts.

Question 2.) Who is in charge of development?

The game is being developed in Ubisoft Paris Studios by a team full of Rabbids lovers.

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Question 3.) Who is this game for?

As for previous Rabbids games, Rabbids Land was designed from the beginning to appeal to everyone. The game is easy to pick up and enjoy, but most of all, it brings a fun social time in the family living room.

Question 4.) The Rabbids are back for a console launch, can you tell us what this means?

The Rabbids have always had a thing with taking over new hardware, trying to make some weird usage of the controllers, whether it’s a Wiimote, a Balance Board, or the Wii U GamePad!

For them a console launch is a rendez-vous that cannot be missed! Remember, they were born alongside the Wii!

Question 5.) What is this year theme?

This year the Rabbids invade an amusement park and start a wacky competition to get a maximum of trophies. Be ready to see some Rabbids misusing the most famous attractions, such as the roller coaster, the princess castle, the love tunnel or the haunted house.

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Question 6.) What is new this year?

This year, we wanted to create a new experience for a Rabbids party game by adding more depth to the game and unique gameplay mechanics.

Firstly, you will take part in a relentless trophy race that will lead you to compete in various challenges. There is many ways to win but the bravest is through entering the attractions.

Secondly, on a gameplay side, the whole game was designed to make the most of the Wii U GamePad. This year’s innovation came from the uniqueness brought by the Wii U and the concept of asymmetrical gameplay emerged naturally as a winning bet.

Question 7.) In what way is developing a game for Nintendo Wii U different?

When we got our hands on the new console, what really stood out was the Wii U GamePad. We wanted to create a game that would allow players to do everything that is possible with it: drawing with it, dancing with it, steering it, touching it, tilting it, blowing on it: you can even use it without your TV. 2

This piece of hardware is also bringing a new way to play through asymmetrical gameplay. Indeed, by taking full advantage of this second screen we discovered that we could create a totally new experience and great replayability: perfect for a party game like Rabbids Land!

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Question 8.) What is asymmetrical gameplay?

Every single game in Rabbids Land follows the concept of asymmetrical gameplay. This means that players will be able to enjoy two totally different experiences while playing a single attraction. Whether you play on the TV with a Wiimote or on the Wii U GamePad, you get a different look at the two sided action that is happening in the heart of the ride.

To give you an example, during the same session you might whether be the hunter or the hunted, the fireman or the arsonist, the cook or the kitchen assistant:

Question 9.) What can you tell us about the trophy race and the game concept?

This trophy race occurs on a boardgame full of surprises that will lead players to take part in crazy events to win. Among these, players will have to enter the park’s attractions to play cooperative or versus challenges.
Obviously the trophy race is one of our biggest innovations! For Gamescom we are unveiling the various ways of wining trophies as previously announced at E3.

Thus, you can win trophies by playing in the attractions, but also by taking part in various events, finding items on the boardgame or answering raving quiz. For example, you may find a baseball bat, which will allow you to run through the boardgame while hitting your opponents in order to steal their trophies.

Also, players may have the opportunity to trigger events, such as making a Rabbid thief appear on the board, forcing each player who will cross his path to lose a trophy.
Moreover, everyone can win, whether they focus on getting trophies by playing in attractions or other challenges, such as events, items or quiz.

Finally, the trophy race offers great replay value since you never know which attraction, event, item or quiz question you will encounter. Hence, you will never play twice the same trophy race.

The trophy race is available in two session lengths: one long where the goal is to collect 20 trophies and one short where you have to gather 10 trophies.

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Question 10.) So how many different gameplays are players getting this year?

Each trophy race will give you the opportunity to enjoy 6 different attractions selected from a range of around 20 available in the game.

Question 11.) How many people can take part?

The game can be played up to 4 players but the more the merrier! You will get the most exciting trophy race by playing the game with the maximum of players. If the boardgame leads you to enter an attraction, two of the players will compete or cooperate in the upcoming challenge.

Question 12.) Is it exclusive to the Wii U?

Yes, the new party game experience we created was a perfect fit for Nintendo’s new console.

Question 13.) When can we expect the game?

The game will be made available at the Nintendo’s Wii U launch, Holiday 2012.

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