Borderlands 2 out now in North America – this launch trailer doesn’t lie!

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You probably don’t need reminding, but Borderlands 2 is out right now in North America across Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, and will be out later this week in Europe, the UK and South Africa, too. What does this mean?

Welcome to Borderlands 2

It means we’ll finally get the chance to rifle through ‘bajillions’ of guns on a quest to find ‘The Vault’ on the alien world of Pandora while fighting off the advances of the villainous Handsome Jack and his minions, teaming up with three of our friends in co-operative play as one of four (and even five) very unique character classes.

There’s lots to discover, lots to do and lots to shoot. Mayhem awaits, so you had better bring friends:

Borderlands 2 – Launch Trailer

Borderlands 2 is out around the rest of the world on September 21st – look over El33tonline’s past coverage of Borderlands 2 for screenshots and more videos, and read our preview and hands-on preview for much more information.

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