007 Legends’ final mission revealed – do you have the Midas touch?

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Activision and Eurocom have been very secretive about the movies that are included in the pair’s upcoming James Bond action title, 007 Legends, and while we’ve already discovered five of the films that will inspire six of the missions and set-piece moments in the game, it’s only recently that the sixth classic 007 movie has been revealed.

And it’s none other than… Goldfinger.

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“In 007 Legends,” writes Activision, “the Goldfinger mission finds the best undercover agent early in his career investigating Auric Goldfinger ‒ a gold magnate thought to be behind a recent spike in gold prices ‒ only to discover a larger plot to irradiate the entire Fort Knox gold reserve.”

“In order to thwart the plot, Bond takes action to infiltrate Goldfinger’s headquarters with help from a questionable acquaintance ‒ Pussy Galore. Upon arrival at Fort Knox, 007 is tasked with defusing a nuclear bomb before it detonates, and the only thing standing between Bond and the bomb is Goldfinger’s henchman ‒ Oddjob ‒ and his notoriously deadly hat.”

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“Will Bond be able to defeat Oddjob? Will Goldfinger’s evil plans succeed? Check out 007 Legends this autumn to experience some of the biggest moments in Bond history in this unique movie-inspired game.”

Find out more about 007 Legends in El33tonline’s preview of the title over here, and watch the latest trailer featuring action from the Goldfinger portion of the game below:

007 Legends: Goldfinger

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What other films are included in 007 Legends? Here’s the list:

  • Moonraker

  • On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

  • License to Kill

  • Die Another Die

  • Goldfinger

  • Skyfall

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