2upGamers 9th Zone Report: Putting the ‘O’ back in ‘Ozone’

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Thanks to Rashaad ‘Rusty’ Abrahams and Toasted Edge for the use of their photos

It feels like the 2upGamers’ 9th Zone took place yesterday, yet it was a little over a week ago. Why is time going so fast nowadays? I can only attribute that to all of the amazing developments that are currently happening in the South African gaming industry and 2upGamers, as true to form, are the men of the hour.

The 9th Zone gave us a deeper look into the future of SA gaming, and it’s looking to be one for the history books. Let’s bring the clock back to September 7th, a Friday – here’s what went down.

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The setting: Parow Golf Club. The last time that Cape Town Gamers will be trekking to different locations as – much to the delight of many in attendance – event organiser Glenn Alexander announced that 2upGamers will have a permanent venue as of October!

300 square metres of gaming goodness equipped with PC’s, PlayStation 3’s, Xbox 360’s and LCD TV’s, all backed up by three-phase power, including bar facilities, all under one roof – the Ozone Warehouse, situated in Kuils River, dead centre to all 2up fans coming from all corners of the city.

The 10th 2upGamers will be taking place on October 12th so mark it on your calendar, make the travel arrangements if necessary and make sure you get there as you’ll be in for a treat. I think it’s a fair deal seeing that the Stellenbosch and Somerset West gamers have been travelling as far as the Southern Suburbs for 2upGamers many a time – Kuils River is more of an equal distance for all. More details will be revealed on the Ozone Warehouse over the coming weeks by 2upGamers and the Ozone Africa team, so keep your eyes peeled for Twitter and Facebook updates.

Ozone Energy Logo

Wikus from Ozone Africa took to the stage to talk about the rebranding of Ozone South Africa, to become more in line with their product for the South African market and also regarding their focus within the gaming sector. The Ozone Fire logo will represent their e-Sports division and details on further developments in the e-Sports scene will also be made clearer in the new month.

Ozone have had their hands full with the logistics of getting their product into South Africa, and we’re happy to report that stock has arrived and will be hitting shelves next week. You also be able to order Ozone Energy online via their website, and at cost at 2upGamers in October – another reason to make sure you register!

We also have the Ozone Africa PS3 vs. 360 Paintball Challenge to look forward to, taking place on Sunday September 30th at the Bottelary Road G-Force Grounds in Cape Town. Twenty-five PS3 players versus twenty-five 360 players is going to prove to be an extremely fun and very interesting day. I will be participating and will definitely be reporting back on that.

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As far as we can see though, registration for the event is no longer on the site at the time of writing so it is possible that all spots have been taken up already. Nonetheless it is going to be a family day so spouses’, kids, grans and gramps are all welcome, and you may just be one of the lucky ones to win cool spot prizes so if you have some buddies attending the event, make a day of it and watch two of the craziest gaming groups shoot at each and have a blast.

There will be another massive paintball event hosted in association with Mercedes and other partners, taking place on the 10th and 11th October. More information will be revealed via the Ozone Africa website.

This past weekend saw the King of Footie Tournament Cape Town Qualifier which was announced, that took place at Musica Canal Walk and Cavendish on Saturday and Sunday respectively. The JHB Qualifiers are taking place this weekend Saturday in Rosebank, and Durban qualifiers in Westville on Saturday 22nd.

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The winners of each qualifier will then compete in a grand finale in November at MWEB’s MCave (airfare and accommodation expenses paid) where the winner will walk away with a brand new Xbox 360 Console and an EA Sports game bundle including the upcoming FIFA 13! If you missed out on the King of Footie Cape Town Qualifiers do not fret, as 2upGamers will be hosting a 128-man FIFA 13 exhibition LAN on October 12th, across 16x PS3’s and 16x 360’s. Is that not just absolutely epic?

Of course, what is a 2upGamers without gaming? ZombieGamer ran a 2v2 Modern Warfare 3 Exhibition Match powered by Ozone Africa, where 12 teams of two players each battled it out in 2v2 Search & Destroy. Media are now also eligible to enter into tournaments and competitions, so I entered as Team Gecosports and I have to say we did pretty well on Xbox, but lost to a more deserving team. After all, both myself and my partner were Xbox noobs so when we had the lead at one point, it must have been luck.

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In the end the tournament was won by Team Native Gaming’s Andrew Harris and Morgan Williams, walking away with a R250 Takealot voucher and of course bragging rights. It was great fun though, and since then I’ve been diligently playing with the Xbox controller at Gecosports so come next time, hopefully Team El33tonline (wink wink Lisa, you gonna’ fly down and enter with me?) will enter and I’ll be better on the Xbox! The FIFA players of course were not left behind as eGamer brought back their popular 2v2 FIFA Tournament, with Team GamerNet’s Francois Van Schaalkwyk and Rohan De Jongh taking the win.

Rectron provided some hardware for the night, too; eight 23” Samsung LED’s for the 2v2 Zombiegamer Modern Warfare 3 Exhibition Match, and in future 2up events, Rectron will be present with stands where you will be able to buy awesome hardware like peripherals, hard drives and cpu’s all at cost.

Andrew Solomon from Popular Mechanics was in the house and provided some free copies of the Popular Mechanics magazine, too. As of their November Issue, Popular Mechanics will be introducing a feature called the ‘PM Zone,’ which will be a dedicated gaming insert from then on. Gadgets, cool tech and gaming all in one magazine? I’ll take a subscription to that!

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Along with a some great fun at Kinect Tennis, awesome announcements, exciting tournaments and hilarious conversations, 2upGamers 9th Zone was a blast and it’s great to have heard that Ozone are back in the game and going strong. Only four more weeks for more amazing 2upGamers announcements, an El33tonline is where you’ll find it.

Thanks again to Rashaad ‘Rusty’ Abrahams and Toasted Edge for the use of their photos

Thanks also to Marlon for his in-depth report! What else is Marlon up to? Be sure to check out his Gecosports e-sports console gaming club in Cape Town!

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