Insomniac announces Fuse with screenshots, details and release date

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Following a name change and a bit of a re-design, Insomniac Games (Resistance, Ratchet & Clank) has today formally announced the studio’s next game, Fuse, a four-player co-operative third-person shooter for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360!

Fuse Screenshot 1

Currently due for a March 2013 release, the story of Fuse focusses on the use (and misuse) of what Insomniac calls “a volatile energy source that has fallen into the wrong hands.” This energy source, known as ‘Fuse,’ has been acquired by terrorist organisation ‘Raven’ and it’s up to a crack team of soldiers called ‘Overstrike 9’ to find the terrorists and put an end to their plans.

Because Fuse is a four-player, class-based co-operative game, you can team up with up to three friends each of whom will have access to their own unique weapons, powered by that alien Fuse energy that the terrorists currently have access to.

Fuse Screenshot 2

Here’s a very quick look at the four main characters of Fuse, and their special abilities:

  • Dalton Brooks: An ex-mercenary who has a Mag-shield that acts as portable cover and unleashes a devastating blast that liquefies opponents.

  • Naya Deveraux: Can cloak to flank enemies and fire out mini-black holes that implode its victims.

  • Jacob Kimble: Keep enemies at a distance with the Arc Shot and shoot out charged bolts that chain react and fry enemies.

  • Izzy Sinclair: Can either launch out med beacons to heal teammates or fire her Shatter Gun to crystallise and explode nearby threats.

“And if you’re not sure who you want to play,” says Insomniac, “you can use the LEAP feature to instantly switch to any available character. A good tactic when you’re in a pinch!”

Fuse Screenshot 3

As a class-based shooter, Fuse will allow you to upgrade your weapons and abilities as you earn points for continuing to take down enemies in the game. To encourage team play, you’ll get more upgrade points for performing co-operative kills. These points can be spent both in the main campaign, as well as in an additional game mode that Insomniac is still keeping a secret.

Creative Director at Insomniac Games Burbank, Brian Allgeier, wrote:

“I believe the telltale signs of a signature Insomniac game are in full force. We’re diligently working on making sure each character and gameplay mechanic is satisfying to play.

“Our story is filled with intrigue and contains exciting plot twists with a touch of that classic Insomniac humor. And there won’t be a shortage of replay options thanks to our LEAP feature.”

As huge fans of Insomniac’s work, El33tonline will definitely be looking forward to the release of Fuse in March next year – we’ll also be scraping together as much information on the game as we possibly can leading up to launch, so keep an eye on the site in the coming months, and look out for the game’s debut trailer in the coming days.

Fuse Screenshot 4

Fuse Screenshot 5

Fuse Screenshot 6

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