Gears of War Wednesday: Practice makes perfect!

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Are you ready to run, slide, bounce and evade? Gears of War isn’t only about shooting straight (although that’s a big part of it), there’s a lot of other softer skills too. And to become a good Gears players you need to practice these things, and what better place to practice than Gears of War Wednesday with the rest of the awesome El33tonline community.

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Sure there will be some knocks (read: boots to the face) along the way, but no pain, no gain hey? Although it may be more painful than normal tonight. Last night if you were online looking for some Gears games you will have noticed that the servers were down, which makes finding and joining games rather difficult not to mention the lag experienced. MWEB have escalated the issue and hopefully everything will be sorted out by tonight, but in the event that things aren’t in order later tonight we will be hosting a few private lobbies, the show must go on after all.

To join the lobbies be sure to keep an eye out for our regular hosts jGLZA, El33tOliver, Numphie & LeelooZA at around 20:00 on Xbox LIVE. And beware, if the mood strikes we may be in for some friendly fire just to keep everyone on their toes.

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