Free Discovery App ‘Ecolibrium’ arrives on PS Vita today

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Ecolibrium Screenshot 1

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s free ‘Discovery App’ series for PS Vita is intended to introduce players to many of the system’s unique features while still providing a fun, engaging experience. The first title in the series was Frobisher Says! and later today SCEE’s next offering – Ecolibrium – will hit the European PlayStation Store.

Ecolibrium is a “real-time eco-system simulator” where the aim is to “maintain harmony within your own created environment”. To do this you’ll need to select the right balance of creatures, plants and artefacts. You can trade plants and animals with other players using Near or collect new creatures using the GPS feature of the PS Vita 3G model. There are even online player-to-player auctions where you can buy and sell certain items.

Here’s a trailer showing the game in action:

Ecolibrium will be available as a free download from the European PlayStation Store later today.

Source: European PlayStation Blog

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