El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: Swimming through Durban, searching for civilisation

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It may sound like an awfully droll topic, but Durban’s weather the last few days has been absolutely crazy as torrential-class rain crashed through the city to drown us all, with not a care for a single soul.

Not one care.

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There was a brief moment where it looked as though it might have cleared up, but we dared to hope too soon. Insider information leads us to believe, however, that Durban’s weather will be right as rain (…) by Sunday.

As we swim through Durban searching for signs of civilisation, Waterworld style, members of El33tonline are trying to plan their activities for the weekend. What are we all up to? Let’s find out:


“This weekend is a real sporting extravaganza with international rugby and cricket both happening tomorrow. Other than that, I’m going to help my dad help his parents get rid of some stuff before they move into an old age home and then take my wife to China Mall to shop around for materials to make her cosplay outfit for rAge.

I’m almost finished with Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix and then it’s on to another SNES / PSone Classic – Final Fantasy VI. I definitely get through games quicker when they’re on a portable device so I’m really looking forward to the day that I can play a title like Mass Effect 3 on a handheld!

Have a good rest over the weekend p33ps!”

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“Living in drenched Durban it may appear as though the perfect gaming weekend. Alas, it is filled with chores and tasks that does not come close to gaming. When life throws obstacles your way you make it into a game, I guess.

This weekend I will be playing the new release by DIY Inc. called “Help a mate 3: the couch from hell”. In this game you tackle a mangled sleeper couch. Get it back on its feet or your bum will get cold on the floor.

If I have time I might get around to playing “Attack of the Babies”, a new survival horror game made by the developers of “No ringie, no dingie”.

Finally I will make time for the blockbuster hit of the weekend “Sweep up or move out”. If I get the new highscore I get to stay in my home for another year!

Have fun boys and girls, and enjoy responsibly!”

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“Man. How’s this weather? Some may say it’s perfect gaming weather and I would usually agree! Unfortunately, my wife has put her back out from carrying a slightly massive baby inside her belly and she has been ordered on bed rest for, like, ever.

I have the unenviable responsibility of running around looking after my downed wife while also keeping a weather eye on my roaming toddler (do you see what I did there?). My little boy-to-be is currently sitting at over 3.8kg with more than 3 weeks to go so you can understand the agony my wife’s spine is going through! Where this leaves me is simple – I have to prepare myself mentally for the toll of babysitting two girls and a future boy by going through a few drills in the meanwhile.

This means gaming is severely limited even though I have a wonderfully donated Game of the Year Edition of Dead Island from Apex Interactive to put through its paces for a co-op review – oh, where has the time gone?”

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“Welp. It’s been one of those weeks and I’m glad of the respite being promised by The Weekend, but I fear that it may simply be a mirage. The only way to tell for sure is to plod my way over there and see for myself.

The plan this weekend is to relax with epic adventures in Darksiders II, with an eye on jumping into some online matches of something or other and get some fun, competitive play in there, too. I hope to catch a glimpse of these rumoured ‘Blue Skies’ as well – I’ve heard reports of their existence.

What’s everybody else playing this weekend? Make your time, everybody. Make your time.”

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“I plan on putting this chilly, wet weather to good use tonight by bunkering in to finally get some gaming time in! It’s been another busy week at El33t HQ and I’m excited that we can finally share our rAge plans with you.

We’re looking forward to revealing more details over the coming weeks and can’t wait to catch up with all you p33ps again, so don’t forget to come say hi at Stand 16!

Have a good weekend guys and gals, and happy gaming!”

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What are your plans for this weekend p3eps? Have a great time!

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