15 minutes of incredible The Last of Us gameplay footage released

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The current console generation may be getting long in the tooth but leading developers like Naughty Dog are proving that mind-blowing games can still be made for ageing hardware. The studio recently presented over fifteen minutes of gameplay footage for The Last of Us at PAX Prime – footage which was originally shown to select members of the press at E3.

The video sees Joel and Ellie passing through a seemingly abandoned part of the city only to run into a few rather dangerous individuals. You’ll get to see a number of gameplay systems in operation during the demo, from opening drawers to look for useful items to moving certain objects in the environment to create a way forward for Joel and Ellie. There’s even a moment during the demo when Joel uses one of his assailants as a human shield!

Be sure to turn your speakers up before watching the gameplay video below because the sound effects in The Last of Us are truly remarkable for a videogame:

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