DBNGamers D-9 sees Apex Interactive at the top of its game

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This past Friday evening saw some of Durban’s most passionate gamers congregating at Waxy’s Restaurant in Westville for our ninth meet-up since the inaugural DBNGamers gathering last December.

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It was a fairly chilly evening by Durban standards and you could tell that there had been some nasty flu bugs going around from the intermittent coughing that rattled around the venue throughout the evening.

Our guests for the evening were Alexia and Quinton from Apex Interactive and Celestial Games owner Travis Bulford. Apex and Celestial had previously signed a distribution deal for the developer’s upcoming release Toxic Bunny HD, which will launch at rAge next month. More on this later!

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In true Durban style, the event was very laid-back from the get-go. We spent some time catching up with our friends from the DBNGamers community as well as with our El33tonline colleagues before Alexia from Apex took to the stage to take us through the company’s software and hardware line-up for the rest of the year. Some of the titles we saw trailers for included WRC 3, Of Orcs and Men, Sniper 2: Ghost Warrior and The Testament of Sherlock Holmes. WRC 3 and Of Orcs and Men were two games that stood out to me personally, but fans of action titles definitely shouldn’t miss Sniper 2: Ghost Warrior which launches next month on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Alexia also showed us trailers for some of the awesome gaming accessories that Apex distributes. These include Turtle Beach headsets, Ferrari audio equipment and Gioteck gaming peripherals. Some of the Gioteck accessories served as a great reminder that you can customise your console gaming experience as you see fit. For instance, if you prefer the Xbox 360 controller to the PS3 one then simply pick a PS3 controller from the Gioteck range that has a similar layout and shape to the 360’s gamepad.

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Next on the agenda was a presentation by Travis from Celestial during which he shared some fascinating facts about his current project Toxic Bunny HD. The original Toxic Bunny was released on PC back in 1996 and racked up impressive sales worldwide for a title conceived and produced by fellow South Africans. Travis showed us how far the graphics have come in this remake – not just from a resolution perspective but also in terms of redrawn assets and more complex effects. You could tell that he is passionate about the local development scene, evidenced by the fact that Celestial and Apex are encouraging South African artists and developers to submit material that could potentially be featured in the final game. Travis kept us entertained throughout his presentation with various anecdotes (many of which involved coffee) and I for one was thoroughly absorbed by what he had to say!

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Travis’ talk was followed by a fantastic period of giveaways that saw Toy Zone vouchers, Gioteck accessories along with Apex-sponsored T-shirts and games being won by a high percentage of attendees. A big thank you to Apex for giving away so many awesome prizes on the night – your generosity didn’t go unnoticed!

Once the last prize had been won event organiser Pieter brought out a Xbox 360 and some gaming ensued on the ‘big screen’ (i.e. the projector). Dead Island was the first title that some of the DBNGamers crowd took for a spin, followed by Trials Evolution. Some head-to-head races followed and I’m not sure how long into the night these continued as I left after a few rounds had been played.

It was truly awesome to meet up with the DBNGamers community once again and thanks to everyone who made this event possible. Thanks must also go to Apex Interactive and Travis for travelling down to Durban to spend the evening with us – we really enjoyed having you at DBNGamers D-9!

Here are some more photos from the event:

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