New story trailer for The Unfinished Swan fills in the blanks

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The Unfinished Swan Banner

One of the upcoming PSN titles I’m most looking forward to is The Unfinished Swan – a unique-looking title from new studio Giant Sparrow. The game is about an orphan who ventures after a swan that escaped from his mother’s painting, only to find himself in a mysterious world with a limited colour palette and angular geometry.

You control Monroe from a first-person perspective and are free to explore your strange environment, discovering new challenges and characters as you do so.

The latest trailer for The Unfinished Swan introduces us to one of the quirky members of the game’s cast – the King. He created the world Monroe finds himself in and is a large part of the reason for it being devoid of other human inhabitants. Take a look below:

The Unfinished Swan doesn’t have a release date yet but is expected by the end of the year.

Head over here for Peter’s gamescom preview of this enthralling PSN exclusive.

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