Stop asking Hideo Kojima about Project Ogre, everybody.

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Konami, Kojima Productions and game development luminary Hideo Kojima recently announced the next entry to the long-running Metal Gear Solid series, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, with a gameplay trailer and further details revealed this weekend at PAX Prime.

Unsurprisingly, fans and gamers have gone crazy over the news with tons of speculation and exciting surrounding the game, as well as a lot of questions.

There’s one specific question that Hideo Kojima is “sick and tired” of answering though.

MGS: Ground Zeroes - Not Project Ogre

Taking to Twitter to air his grievance, Kojima tweeted:

“While I am happy to know people liked “MGS Ground Zeroes”, I’m sick & tired of people keep asking me like “is that project Ogre?” here in Seattle everyday. Project Ogre is what the project that Ogre appears.

“Ogre does not appear in “MGS Ground Zeroes” trailer,” he concluded.

So just… stop. When you see the Ogre, you’ll know. For now, simply enjoy Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes!

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