Insomniac’s Overstrike becomes ‘Fuse’ – first in-game image released!

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Remember Overstrike, that four-player co-operative first-person shooter that Insomniac Games announced with EA at E3 last year? The one with the amazing CG animated video featuring fantastically stylised characters with charm and wit to spare?

Yes, that Overstrike!

Well, according to Insomniac it’s no longer called Overstrike, but there is a debut screenshot and a countdown clock reward to look forward to.

Fuse Countdown Image

During his PAX Prime keynote speech this weekend, Insomniac Games’ co-founder Ted Price announced the new intellectual property, Fuse, which is described as a ‘reworking’ of the studio’s originally announced game, Overstrike.

In addition, a Fuse website has been set up with the above ticking clock, counting down to September 12th. Will we see more of the game then?

While we wait for the fuse to burn (…), check out the game’s first ever released screenshot:

Fuse Screenshot

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