El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: Gaming times and DBNGamer rhymes!

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It’s the end of the week and time to kick off your shoes, plonk yourself down on the couch and fall into your favourite videogames! Or is it?

With a DBNGamers event tonight and another gamer gathering with the JHBGamers tomorrow, don’t lose sight of those shoes just yet – you’ll need them again soon!

But what else is on the cards this weekend? Members of El33tonline let you know what they’ll be busy with tonight and over the next two days, but also let us know what you’ll be up to!


“The good times typically associated with the weekend begin at 6:30pm this evening when the gamers of Durban gather for what is sure to be a memorable, prize-laden night.

I’ve got some exciting gaming prospects lined up for this weekend. Mass Effect 3: Leviathan is sitting on my Xbox 360’s hard drive waiting to be played, and I’m also playing through Fear Effect 2 on my PS Vita at the moment.

I enjoy playing these puzzle-filled types of games with a walkthrough handy and I’ve found that I can quickly switch between gameplay and a GameFAQs guide on the Vita by taking multiple screenshots of the walkthrough and then viewing them using the Photos app. I guess this method will have to suffice until Sony allows us to run games and the web browser simultaneously. Please, hear our pleas Sony!

Have a good one folks!”

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“DBNGamers. Sports day for little dude. Replacing the tires on my car. Playing Sleeping Dogs and, hopefully, Transformers. Riding my bike.

In no particular order.”

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“The end of August marks the start of September. The start of September signifies the start of Spring. There is no substitute for Spring some may say but I suggest saying there’s no substitute for spending some time ‘speeling’ (to start off an old Afrikaanse speech).

Sadly, speeling is going to have to sit somewhere seriously far away because this Saturday and Sunday I have to set up the Star Wars baby cave for little Jed Indiana Johnston (ETD 2 or 3 weeks). Somehow I suspect my speeling sacrifice will see returns but if somewhere I can squeeze in some time for speeling it should certainly be The Walking Dead Episode 3!

See you on the flip side; and just possibly a visit to Waxy’s if my other plans don’t pan out!”

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“Heating up for the final two qualifiers of the Gecosports Modern Warfare 3 August Pro-Tournament! Tonight (Friday) and Sunday are going to be intense; 32 of Cape Town’s best players competing for the top 2 spots per Qualifier on the road to being selected as the final four for the GECO Clan!

Four players are already through to the Final Draft; who will be the next?”



“It’s the weekend! Other than ninjas, pirates must be the coolest. So I am knee-deep in playing Risen 2 and getting my pirate on. This will, however, be interrupted by some gathering tonight at DBNGamers. It has been a few months since I last won something at a DBNGamers event, so hopefully my luck will change.

The rest of the weekend is taken up my the mundane rituals of “weekend couch-potato”. I have become rather good at it, so expect me to excel yet again this weekend!

See you guys at Waxy’s!”

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“It’s all fun and games going to Germany and gamescom to see the latest games, but when you get back home it’s time to crack that back and write like your life depends on it.

Luckily, this weekend I’ll be reliving memories playing some of my favourite games of the show and writing previews for a few Capcom games, Arkane’s excellent stealth-action title and more.

When time allows, I’ll be taking on the role of Death in Darksiders 2 as I continue to slash through the game’s gigantic world, while looking over a few videos we want to share with everyone. Who has played Darksiders 2 so far? Enjoying it? Finished it?

Hope you all have a terrific time, see you again soon.”

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“This weekend is going to be another busy one. It kicks off with DBNGamers tonight, where I’m looking forward to catching up with all of the Durban p33ps, and hopefully might even win a prize or two! Tomorrow it’s fondue time, and then the rest of the weekend is being devoted to finishing off a few previews and trying to sneak in a little R & R.

In terms of games, Darksiders 2, Dead Island and Rock Band Blitz are on my hit-list. What games will you be playing this weekend?”

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Have an excellent weekend everybody – what are your plans?

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